Arion provides products of great quality at reasonable prices that bring together
analog and digital technologies for the sound creators of the future.


The effect pedal which always directs the tone of a guitar.
Many amateur to a pro’s musician supports from the first model now for 30 years, and lineup also increased from the feedback.
Please feel the reason which continues charming them.


A guitar head is equipped and I am carrying out the lineup even of the type which can be underfoot checked in the live from the type which gathers and tunes up vibration.
It becomes goods which are easy to treat regardless of a pro and an amateur.


An echo, a chorus, a metal master, the head phone amplifier [ multi-] that contained the overdrive.
If a lineout is connected to amplifier, it can be used as a preamplifier with a built-in effect, and two can connect and a head phone also corresponds also to practice by a duo.

AC Adapter (specification change)

The AC/DC adaptor which can connect the model currently sold has been changed.

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